'embracing renewable energy is what we do at Rymer Farm.'

Welcome to Rymer Farm...

The Rush family have been farming at Rymer Farm, on the historic Euston Estate since 1921.  The farm is situated in the heart of East Anglia within the Breckland Environmentally Sensitive Area and is characterised by the flowing sands and windbreaks of Scot’s Pine trees of the region. Rymer is unique in country being the only place where 9 parishes all meet together at the eponymously named Rymer Point.

The free-draining sand is perfect for free range hens that love to scrap around and dust bathe in the easy working soil. Spread over 600 acres we are able to keep our individual flocks well separated amongst arable fields to ensure really high bird health which is vital for the hen’s welfare. Combined with a stress free, free ranging life they reward us with a good supply of gorgeous fresh eggs!


Latest News

On Thursday 13th April the Bird Flu constraints introduced by the government, which affected every free-range chicken farmer based in zones identified as being at high risk, was lifted. With great relief all chickens based at Rymer Farm were allowed out of the hen house and into the surrounding fields to enjoy the spring sunshine.

What's going on?

We're expanding!
With growing demand for Rymer Farm Eggs we are gaining some extra hens on the farm and putting up a brand new house for 6,000 hens. Small enough to keep with our policy of encouraging higher welfare with smaller flock sizes but big enough to give us plenty more delicious eggs!