'Our hens produce beautiful eggs which are packed on the farm in the heart of east anglia to ensure the very lowest food miles and provide you with the very freshest eggs.'

Local farmer joins forces with Tesco and the Norwich Business School to promote local free range eggs to consumers.

Toby Rush, business owner of Rymer Farm near Thetford produces 10 million free range eggs a year on his farm, supplying food retailers, catering and hospitality companies and others across the local area.  Tesco has, for some time, encouraged local food and drink producers to apply to supply stores in their area. Toby has been successful in gaining shelf space in 27 main stores and 48 Tesco Express shops across East Anglia.  

Since appearing on the shelves in Tesco stores the supermarket chain has been very supportive of Toby’s business, working with him on managing stock levels and giving pro-active marketing advice. Tesco have now gone one step further, offering Toby space instore to promote his eggs in person, engaging with customers visiting local stores about why it is so beneficial to buy local eggs. 

Steve Brooks, Local Sourcing Manager for Tesco said ‘We’re thrilled to be working with Rymer Farm on this promotion. It’s a great way to show off the quality of produce we have in the region, and support the local farming community.
The Norwich Business School has also been working with Toby on identifying and understanding buying habits of consumers in a retail environment. With the offer from Tesco’s to test some marketing activity specific to driving sales and initially in Chelmsford and Gt Yarmouth stores; the business school has developed a sampling exercise “Who buys my food” aimed at providing evidence based consumer marketing intelligence whilst encouraging future purchase. 

Professor Andrew Fearne, Professor of value chain management at Norwich Business School, UEA. “The food and drink sector is hugely important for the region and Norwich Business School is actively involved in helping local producers grow their businesses by making stronger connections with their markets, customers and final consumers. 

Rymer Farm is typical of the kind of businesses we are working with, solid foundations based on quality products and a strong regional heritage, and Toby Rush is typical of the kind of entrepreneur we are keen to support; hungry for growth and willing to adapt to give his business the best opportunity to succeed. 

The in-store sampling is one way that producers can engage with consumers to promote their brand and listen to what it is that shoppers are looking for. We are there to support Toby, gather insights and learn some important lessons that can be shared with other businesses and other entrepreneurs like Toby. 

Evidence-based decision-making is more important today than it has ever been, given the stiff competition for shelf-space and consumer attention. Our ‘Who buys my food’ project is designed to provide local food business with the evidence they need to boost their chances of success.”  

Rymer Farm produces quality free range eggs and has worked hard to provide a comfortable environment for their hens.  Often complimented for their freshness, quality and flavour; the egg business has gained British Lion approved standards; the result of painstaking attention to detail in the welfare of Rymer hens and the care with which the product is handled. Lion coded for peace of mind the eggs are regularly checked and tested at source to ensure their quality. 

Industry eggs are often trucked many hundreds of miles from where they are laid to where they are packed. At Rymer’s pack house, which is in the heart of the farm, egg deliveries are to many local retailers and businesses in East Anglia. Those businesses can really say they have some of the lowest food miles around.  

The Norwich Business School and Tesco have really got behind the business to support potential growth.   Toby Rush, business owner Rymer Farm.

“With a few challenging months behind us of keeping away from the national bird flu crisis, we have been busy planning our marketing strategy and how we can work with the likes of Tesco’s and the business school to grow our bottom line. It is a fascinating journey and one we hope will help to educate the consumer on the benefits of buying local produce”.  

 “There is probably not a better way to reach out to potential customers than to stand in a busy store and observe purchasing behaviour, as well as to be able to speak and educate individuals on the benefits of buying local produce. I look forward to the meet and greet sessions as well as to see the results come through on how it will have helped drive sales”    

Toby Rush will be available to meet consumers at Tesco’s Chelmsford on Friday 7th April from 11am – 3pm. Customers will be given the chance to try Rymer Farm free range eggs for free.    

Latest News

On Thursday 13th April the Bird Flu constraints introduced by the government, which affected every free-range chicken farmer based in zones identified as being at high risk, was lifted. With great relief all chickens based at Rymer Farm were allowed out of the hen house and into the surrounding fields to enjoy the spring sunshine.

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We're expanding!
With growing demand for Rymer Farm Eggs we are gaining some extra hens on the farm and putting up a brand new house for 6,000 hens. Small enough to keep with our policy of encouraging higher welfare with smaller flock sizes but big enough to give us plenty more delicious eggs!